Youth is a rose that dies.


Rosa, 2000.

Oil on wood

180 x 120 cm




Seated on the edge of an old 19th century bathtub, a dreamlike youth modestly covers her naked body with a towel.


In the right corner of the background, a monstera deliciosa, commonly known as Adam’s Rib, symbolizes masculinity. This beautiful plant, frequently used to decorate verandas and the interior of Sevillian houses, comes from Mexico. The monopoly of the city of Seville on the trade route with America from the 16th to the 18th century when the House of Trade became established in Cádiz in 1717, propitiated a rich cultural exchange aboard the Spanish galleons that arrived via the Guadalquivir from Veracruz, in the Gulf of Mexico.


Three scattered petals and three roses on the ground symbolize youth and innocence that festoon the name of the model and that gave the title for this work.

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María José Aguilar

María José Aguilar is born in 1964 in the city of Seville, Spain.

From her earliest age she demonstrates artistic inclination and abilities.

She grow up admiring great masters of the History of Painting, especially the Spanish Baroque painters like Murillo, Velázquez, Zurbarán, Valdés Leal ... those that would have a first and great influence on her.

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María José Aguilar Gutiérrez 

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