The Creativity

Creativity is a skill, an ability in human beings. Each of us is born with different levels of this and other capacities, which can be stimulated or not, and therefore can be developed and improved like other human abilities.

Thus, we can affirm that it is the ability of an individual to contribute alternative answers, solutions to overcome a difficulty, a challenge. The greater our capacity to respond, the greater possibilities we will have to overcome the challenge and achieve our goal.

Contrary to what many people think, creativity is not exclusive to the artistic field; it is present in all areas of knowledge and professions. We live in challenging times, and we all know that the survival of an individual in a hostile environment depends on their association with groups of the same species, on their sense of community, on the collaboration among its members.

Creativity arises from the instinct for survival and individual commitment to guarantee the species, as a response to overcoming a challenge that puts it in danger of extinction.

In the early days of the human species, the creation of the first artistic representations made in the Paleolithic era, cave paintings, emerged with a meaning that went far beyond the purely aesthetic, as they were given a magical sense: representing reality was a way to captivate it, to make it their own, and thus favor the capture of food, the first and most basic foundation to ensure the continuity of the group. This fact reveals the great discovery of the emotional component in human intelligence, derived from its degree of responsibility and commitment.

There are many varied exercises to enhance our creativity, easily found in any manual on the subject. However, in my humble opinion, the key is to embrace the challenges for which we must be willing to invest our own personal effort consistently. This is the only way I know to overcome difficulties and offer solutions.

M.J. Aguilar

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