Market on the outskirts of Tangier I


Year 2000
17’5 x 8’7 cm 40’5 x 49’5 cm

In 1940, the territory of Tangier was annexed to the Spanish Protectorate in Morocco and here is a testimony of the time, when the maintenance of order was in the hands of the Regulars, forces of the Spanish army with indigenous Rifeños. This fact is palpable in the vigilant figure of the character who appears standing, on the left, guarding the melon stand.

At the helm of the Spanish administration, a High Commissioner directed Spain’s political action, from which the orders and instructions emanated, assisted in the military aspect by three commanders based in Ceuta, Melilla and Larache.

To María del Carmen Gutiérrez Llamas, born in Ceuta in 1935.

©María José Aguilar

“They say that, since I learned to express myself verbally, I manifested a fervent and unwavering desire: TO PAINT



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