Christ of Health


Year 2006
34 x 23’5 cm 23’5 x 16 cm

In 2006, Mr. José Luis Ruiz Ortega and Mr. Luis Vázquez Gutiérrez, occupying the positions of Eldest Brother and Prosecutor respectively in the Governing Board of the Illustrious and Fervent Sacramental Brotherhood of Nuestro Padre Jesús de la Salud and María Santísima de la Candelaria, requested my collaboration in replacing the pages of the Rule Book, where the images of its two owners, deteriorated by use and the passage of time, on which the brothers swear, appear.

Once the drawings had been made, we agreed to make a single limited edition of one hundred engravings to preserve the original drawings and facilitate the restitution of the pages, when necessary in the future, as well as giving the brothers the opportunity to acquire the pieces and allocate the profits to the Brotherhood’s charity fund, moved by the desire to do good.

The Brotherhood is the sole owner and depositary of the complete edition and the plates, except HC : 1/1 for the engraving workshop and the PA : II/ XIV, exceptionally blessed because they were destined for seriously ill people, to strengthen them in their faith and to comfort them in the difficult trance of death.

©María José Aguilar

“They say that, since I learned to express myself verbally, I manifested a fervent and unwavering desire: TO PAINT



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