The doubt.

In the deepest and most secret depths of a woman, before she gets married, there are unutterable thoughts and emotions.


Year 2010
Oil on board
180 x 120 cm

Before the imminent and definitive commitment of the celebration of the wedding, in the deepest and secret part of a woman, on the verge of getting married, there are unavowable thoughts and emotions, which are not a heritage of the feminine world, but they reach their maximum and most heartbreaking expression in her. Her social and economic disadvantage throughout history compared to men, in different cultures and societies, deprived her and still deprives her of the first and most essential of freedoms: internal freedom, giving added value to the sequence of these intimate moments that I have tried to capture in this painting.

My sensitivity is towards all the women who have been, are and will be girlfriends, those who, wishing to do so, have not been able to achieve their dream and, above all, those who, having taken the step of becoming lovers, companions or wives, have suffered and are suffering from disappointment and cruelty, even costing them their lives. To them I dedicate with all my heart the meaning of this work.


To remove the misery,
says the popular voice:
A bride must wear
an orange blossom ignition
symbol of its purity,
something new, something old,
something borrowed and something blue.
Not wearing pearls,
are tears from the sea,
that could spill out,
And on the wedding day
that it does not rain,
the cry of the heavens
is an omen of bad omen.
Cheer up pink
that has already arrived
on your wedding day
and “the sun doesn’t wait”.
Why do you hesitate?
Teresa says
that if you want to get married,
why you think so.

© María José Aguilar

“They say that, since I learned to express myself verbally, I manifested a fervent and unwavering desire: TO PAINT



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